What services do you provide?

  • Supermarket Consulting group (SCG) provides market research, consulting, due diligence, as well as secure sites and entitlement approvals for our clients. We also provide construction management, leasing, and property management services.


How is SCG compensated?

  • SCG can be compensated on an advisory, commission, or success fee basis.

  • SCG is an affiliate of Crossroads Companies, which is a regional shopping center developer that specializes in the construction of supermarket-anchored properties as well as mixed-use projects. Crossroads’ real estate portfolio consists of single tenant, supermarket anchored, mixed-use, and net leased properties.


What areas of the country do you specialize in?

  • From Boston through Washington, DC.  


What if you are hired to perform studies for competing owners or supermarket chains? 

  • We would not represent both a property owner and a retailer for the same site; as it would be a conflict of interest. If a property owner owned a shopping center where a client was a tenant, or vice versa, we would obtain a waiver of conflict agreement, as would a law firm or investment bank. If the respective party did not want us to work on an assignment, we would forego the opportunity.


How are your market research studies primarily used by your clients?

  • To determine whether a prospective site is a viable location for a new store

  • To determine the competitive impacts of a new site or a competitive intrusion upon existing locations

  • To project sales volume for a new location and/or identify new trade areas

  • To determine if a vacant space or property is a viable location for a food anchor tenant

  • To determine if a supermarket anchor can pay the proposed market rent based on the projected sales volume and impacts in the trade area

  • To maximize sales at an existing location


What usually defines a trade area?

Several factors including:  

  • The size of the proposed store

  • Natural and man-made barriers

  • Socio-economic and ethnic diversity

  • Road network

  • Population density

  • Vehicular ownership

  • The competitive environment